Common Signs Of Bad Roofing Jobs

Roofing jobs are one of the more costly ones among home remodeling projects and rightly so as a roof serves as the home’s first line of defense against the extreme elements. However, some contractors end up not installing the roofing systems correctly for several reasons like cutting costs or skipping extra labor. If this happens, your roof cannot perform its function as guaranteed. It’s important to ensure your roof is properly installed and here are the common signs of a bad roofing job.

Not Adhering to Uniformity

A correctly installed roof should wear uniformly. Otherwise, you’ll see a noticeable difference between the aging process of each roof section. If one side of the roof can look great but poor on the other end including dissimilar shingles, missing vents, or drip edges, this could mean an improper job has been done. Performing visual inspections often can aid in finding out issues before they become more severe.

Roofing Materials Not Correctly Attached

A common mistake is associated with the wrong attachment of roofing materials or the wrong number of materials used. These will result in roof damage over time and are preventable. Ensure the occurrence of such mistakes by conducting inspections or hiring contractors that follow state or local building codes.

Reusing Old Flashing Material

Flashing shouldn’t be reused even if the roof was not leaking previously before the installation of the new one. Although there are no code violations in reusing old flashing material, roofing contractors must not compromise on quality since the new roof doesn’t always sit well in the original holes of the old flashing as well compared to the old roof. The best way to avoid water leakage in the roof is to replace the old flashing completely.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Roofs are usually replaced due to wearing, damaged, or missing shingles. If your new roof has such issues then it is a clear indication of an improper job during installation. Shingles must look pristine and new, not reused or recycled.

Roof Stains

Stains, typically dark-colored, are sure signs of a leaky roof. Get up to check your attic for any issues as a severe leakage usually seeps into the interior of the house through the surface of the attic. If there are various stains then it could mean a wider problem that could require replacing the roof.

Incorrect Nailing Techniques Used or Using Wrong Nails

The right nails including the grade, size, and type of nails must be used to ensure that the roof doesn’t leak. These will differ based on the materials being used. It’s also essential for nails to be driven correctly into the materials such that there isn’t the risk of missing shingles and roof leakage.

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