What is a RoofSmart Pad?

RoofSmart Pads Are Extremely Versatile

RoofSmart Pads were strategically engineered to work on various roofing materials and pitch angles. In this section you will see on mock roofs how the RoofSmart Pads help protect common roofs you may encounter while working on top of a roof.

RoofSmart Pads | Terracotta

RoofSmartPads | Slate

RoofSmartPads | Raised Metal Seam

RoofSmart With The RoofSmart Pads

In this section we will show you how the RoofSmart Pads and its attachable accessories can help prevent ladder related injuries. In North America there is 164,000 yearly ladder accidents, do not become a statistic and RoofSmart With The RoofSmart Pads!

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"Lader Safety by Nick Gromicko, CMI And Kenton Shepard"

RoofSmartPads | Ladder Safety

RoofSmart Pads | Step By Step How To Attach Your RoofSmart Ladder Brace

RoofSmart Pads | How To Use The RoofSmart Ladder Brace To Prevent Ladder