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The Story Behind RoofSmart Pads

RoofSmart Pads was invented by Russ Bancroft. Russ has been in the Roofing Construction Industry since 1978. He is a premier roofing contractor and well respected roofing inspector. Without any external paid marketing, through referral only, he works on houses worth $5 million or more. His company has worked on historically preserved roofs including the Gamble House in Pasedena, the Adamson House in Malibu, and is currently working on the house formerly known as the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills.

Hear Russ Explain the Origin of RoofSmart Pads

Russ was having to redo roofing jobs due to careless workers on roofs and was also dealing with fragile tiles on his jobs with worries of breaking them. He came up with the idea to dispurse the weight of the roofers' steps with a piece of ply wood and attached foam to it to soften the blow of a step on a tile. He tested out his make shift pad and noticed that not a single tile was cracked. Russ worked on a mold for this tool and got it patented in 2018. Since then Russ has modified the pads and is still modifying them to be the most efficient for roofers.


Q. How do RoofSmart Pads work

A. RoofSmart Pads have a light-weight, ABS hard shell with a soft foam rubber bottom designed to provide a non-slip grip and will evenly distribute a worker's weight preventing damage to any roof material. RoofSmart Pads even work on steep inclined roofs with our Steep Step. They give anyone that works on a rooftop peace of mind against damaging and breaking any and all roof material. 

Q. Is there a weight limit? How much weight can the RoofSmart Pads withhold to prevent roof material damage? 

A. The RoofSmart Pads can uphold anywhere from 200-300 lbs. Be careful using these pads on stacked and mudded clay tiles, as they are a lot more fragile. The more even and level the roof material surface is, the more effective the RoofSmart Pads will be to protect the roof material from damage and breakage. 

Q. What are the dimensions of the RoofSmart Pad? 

A. The RoofSmart Pad is 40" long and 24" wide and 3.5 inches high. Weight is approx. 11 pounds

Q. What are the pads made of? 

A. The RoofSmart Pad, Ladder Brace, and Steep Step are made of highly resilient ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic that is injection molded to create a very sturdy and long lasting shell.  We then add a high grade soft foam rubber pad that is glued to the bottom using a special industrial strength adhesive to ensure the foam stays on the shell for many years.   

Q. How do you use RoofSmart Pads? 

A. RoofSmart Pads can be laid out in a number of ways and configurations allowing the roof worker to easily and safely walk across the most fragile roof material without causing any damage.  You can tie the pads together for additional safety or spread them out depending on your work area. (Please watch this instructional video).

The RoofSmart Pad Ladder Brace is designed to easily attach onto the RoofSmart Pad giving your ladder a secure attachment so your ladder won't move from it's position. 

Q. Who would use the RoofSmart Pads? 

A. Anyone who does work on a roof from roof repairs and installations to Solar or Satellite installations, to Termite and Pest Control, Chimney Repair and Sweeps, Window Glazers and Washers, Security Camera Installers, Tree Trimmers, House Painters, Holiday Light Installers and more.  

Q. How many pads would you need to make a walkway up to the ridge?

A. On most roofs with pitches of 6 to 7/12 and less, at least 12 pads would be needed to make a good walkway for your crew members. 2 pads are needed to secure the ladder with our RoofSmart Ladder Brace; 1 for the bottom so the ladder doesn't kick out, and 1 for the top to attach the Ladder Brace to the RoofSmart Pad on the roof.

Q. Is the RoofSmart Pad OSHA approved? 

A. OSHA does not approve or endorse any products or services.  They do provide rules and guidelines for work environments and safety equipment.  RoofSmart Pads DO follow and comply with OSHA standards and we recommend adhering to all guidelines when using our product. 

Q. How do you properly store RoofSmart Pads?

A. We recommend you store the RoofSmart Pads in a secure and dry storage area when not in use. We also recommend that you never leave the RoofSmart Pads with the foam rubber side up as the sun's UVA & UVB rays can degrade the polyurethane foam quite rapidly.

Q. How long will the RoofSmart Pads last for?

A. With proper use and care RoofSmart Pads should last for 4-5 years. 


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