• Synergy Power Corp

    Watch their video that they made with this link:

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  • Impact Roofing LLC

    View the video they sent us with this link:

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  • Best Damn Roofer (Josh Bigger)

    Josh Bigger, an influential roofer and producer of Roofing University, is using our pads!

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  • Sanchez Solar Cleaning

    They created a video for us without asking them which can be seen on our Youtube Channel :)

    View their separate review video from their instagram account from this link:

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  • Joshua Brosius - Always a Sweep: Chimney and Dryer Vent Repair and Service

    Watch a video that they sent us of how they like RoofSmart pads. He told us that "Whenever we get other tile roof work, we will certainly be using them!".

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  • Rigaldo - Tile Power Washer

    This customer uses RoofSmart Pads to do contracting work on Roofs. Watch his interview we had with him to see what he felt about our product.

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  • Joel and Jack from BitVision Technology Group & California Network Cabling

    We helped them out on their first satellite installation on a tile roof and this video is what they had to say about it:

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  • Russ Bancroft - Owner Of Bancroft Construction & Inventor of The RoofSmart Tool System

    "With over 40 years of experience in the Roofing Industry, I personally stand by the RoofSmart Pad. This has saved me and my team thousands of dollars a year. It has also elevated our reputation, by eliminating damages and providing a more secure footing."

  • Nick Anderson - Anderson Wildlife Solutions

    "This is a great product, I have never felt safer working on a tile roof. I would highly recommend this product. "

  • Natalee Binda Revolution Roofing LLC

    " My biggest fear when I'm working in The Grand Dunes in Myrtle Beach is cracking tile 😭 No more! With these pads I can comfortably walk on tile without the fear of accidentally cracking my homeowners shingles. I don't even have to worry about foot traffic on architectural shingles, it's great! The Ladder Safety Pack secures my ladder and protects the homeowners gutters ❤️🏡 "

  • Steve Cole Professional Roofer

    "The versatility of the product is limitless with easy maneuverability. Best part of the pad is its weight distribution, the material on the bottom of the pad contours to the roof it is on. While on a job site of installing 125 year old material, which was very delicate and brittle but the RoofSmart pad protected the tile and didn’t cause any breakage. I also love the ladder brace, I am able to offset the ladder from the gutter without damaging it. Best thing to use on any roof."

  • Rigoberto Chacon, 20 years in construction

    "Durable! A very efficient tool equipment to walk on sheet metal roof, two piece tile roof, firm and safe for the user and protects the roof job."

  • Nery Penate, Homeowner

    "Perfect for working on fragile slate roofs; the RoofSmart pad protects them from being damaged by walking on them. Very easy to carry them out, light weight."