Q. How did RoofSmart Pads become a product? 

A. Over 40 years in the roofing and construction experience has gone into the development of the RoofSmart Pads, Ladder Brace, and Steep Step. Until RoofSmart Pads there was nothing to protect fragile roof tiles and shingles from breaking when walked on even by the most careful roofers. We saw a need and created the first and only RoofSmart Pads that gives the rooftop worker a secure and safe footing and at the same time prevent them from breaking tiles and shingles. 

Q. How do RoofSmartPads work

A. RoofSmart Pads have a light-weight hard shell with a soft foam rubber bottom designed to provide a non-slip grip and will evenly distributes the roofer's weight preventing any damage to tiles and shingles.  RoofSmart Pads even works on steep inclined roofs and along with our Ladder Brace, gives anyone that works on a rooftop peace on mind against slipping and breaking tiles/shingles. 

Q. What are the dimensions of the RoofSmartPad? 

A. The RoofSmart Pad is 40" long and 24" wide and 3.5 inches high. Weight is approx. 11 pounds

Q. What are the pads made of? 

A. The RoofSmart Pad, Ladder Brace, and Steep Step are made of highly resilient ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic that is injection molded to create a very sturdy and long lasting shell.  We then add a high grade soft foam rubber pad that is glued to the bottom using a special 3M adhesive to ensure the foam stays on the shell for many years.   

Q. How do you use RoofSmart Pads? 

A. RoofSmart Pads can be laid out in a number of ways and configurations allowing the roof worker to easily and safely walk across the most fragile roof material without causing any damage.  You can tie the pads together for additional safety or spread them out depending on your work area. 

The RoofSmart Pad Ladder Brace is designed to easily slip onto the pad giving your ladder a secure attachment so your ladder won't move from it's position. 

Q. Who would use the RoofSmart Pads? 

A. Anyone who does work on a roof from roof repairs and Solar or Satellite installations, to termite and pest control, chimney repair and sweeps, window glazers and washers, security camera installers, tree trimmers, house painters, holiday light installers and more.  

Q. Is RoofSmart Pad OSHA approved? 

A.  OSHA does not approve or endorse any products or services.  They do provide rules and guidelines for work environments and safety equipment.  RoofSmart Pads DO follow and comply with OSHA standards and we recommend adhering to all guidelines when using our product. 

If you need to get on the roof, you better have a RoofSmart Pad

 Terra Cotta Roof using RoofSmartPads