RoofSmartPad - non-slip grip, prevent damage to roofs.

RoofSmartPad VS The Pitch Hopper

Working on a roof can be dangerous and expensive. The danger from slipping and falling is obvious however the expensive side of rooftop work comes from the damage caused by the workers themselves as the walk across the roof surface just to do their jobs. 

Whether you are an experienced roofer doing new roofs or repairs, or a solar panel installer, house painter, chimney sweep or doing termite tenting, the roof is a big part of your livelihood.  Protecting yourself and your customer's roof are paramount to ensuring your good reputation and gaining the most out of your profit margin. 

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding a product called the Pitch Hopper due to it's ability to provide a secure platform on steep pitched roofs.  The Pitch Hopper does a very nice job, when used properly, to give the roofer a secure wedged platform to work from which can ease the pressure on your back and legs making it more comfortable to do your job and become more productive. 

Another product, the RoofSmartPad, also  gives you a secure, non-slip footing on asphalt roofs but unlike the Pitch Hopper, the RoofSmartPad gives you the ability to have a safe, secure footing on any roof surface; terra cotta, metal, slate, composite, concrete, wood and even the new solar shingles.  

And only the RoofSmartPad can evenly distribute your weight thus preventing damage to the rooftops and costing lots of money, time and your reputation. 

The Pitch Hopper can't prevent damage because it does not distribute your weight to mitigate breakage.  In fact it's design is such that it's only used for steep inclines so that the pressure you place on the wedge is what keeps it on the roof.

Additionally you must be very careful where you stand on the Hopper.  If you're too much to one side or the other it can cause the wedge to be damaged or slip down the roof. 

However the RoofSmartPad's patented design allows the foam rubber bottom to grip the roof while at the same time the hard ABS plastic shell disperses the pressure giving you a wider grip and stopping you from breaking what's underneath it.

And it doesn't really matter if you stand in the middle of the pad or have your toes off the edge,  The RoofSmartPad transfers your gravitational force your weight exerts and spreads it out keeping you and the roof safe and undamaged. . 

You get the grip without a rip. 

The RoofSmartPad also has a larger foot space ( "48 X 24"X2") as opposed the the Pitch Hopper's 24'"X 7"X 8" or 32 X 7" X 8"" inch wedge space.  The RoofSmartPad's bigger pad provides a better working area, greater comfort and more productivity. 

Both products are light-weight.  The Pitch Hopper is between 5.5 to 6.5 pounds and the RoofSmartPad is 14 pounds. 

The Pitch Hopper states it's to be used on 9/12 and 12/12 pitches.  

The RoofSmartPad can be used on the same pitches or less, however unlike the Hopper, the RoofSmartPad provides tie-off areas around the pad so you can secure it to other pads, an anchor or counter weight for steep inclines per OSHA guidelines. 

The Pitch Hopper has no place to tie it off and with it's Styrofoam body, any attempt to add an eyelet or clip to tie it down could cause damage to it. 

 The Pitch Hopper states its expected lifespan is about 1 year.

The RoofSmartPad has been shown to last 5 years or more. 

Both are proudly made in the USA. 

In summary, the Pitch Hopper does provide a good working platform on pitched asphalt roofs.  Unfortunately that's the extent of it.  It does not follow OSHA guidelines, it can not work on any tile or metal roofs, it doesn't seem to last very long and anything less than a 9/12 pitch is not recommended by them 

The RoofSmartPad on the other hand can be use on any rooftop surface be it terra cotta, metal, slate, wood, asphalt, composite, concrete and the new solar shingles. 

The RoofSmartPad provides a non-slip foot hold that also disperses your weight preventing you from damaging those expensive rooftops and costing you money, time and your reputation. 

Hands down the RoofSmartPad is more versatile, durable and gives you more benefits for greater success and profit in your work.  


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