Tips To Prepare For Roof Replacement

A functioning and modern roofing system is effective in protecting your home from some extreme natural elements. Additionally, it can also protect and augment your property’s value while making it a safer place to reside in. If your roof is damaged and you need a replacement, it’s also essential to prepare certain things before the contractor starts the project to make sure it goes smoothly. Here are some ways you can prepare for a roof replacement.

Decide Whether to Relocate Temporarily or Stay

The replacement process can go on for as long as a week depending on the type, scope, and size of the project undertaken. You can choose to accommodate temporarily with a friend’s house or in a hotel to avoid the potential noise disruption due to the works.

Removing Wall Decorations

You should temporarily take down your wall decorations within the house, especially those near the roof. The vibrations emitted during the process can cause violent shaking which can cause wall objects to fall and injuries in the worst-case scenario.

Take Care of Fragile Items

Do note to relocate or remove any fragile items such as glasses, vases, and plates that are stored in the overhead cupboards along the walls. Also, ensure that they aren’t in direct contact with another or with the wall.

Clear the Attic

Whilst the roof replacement is ongoing, dirt, debris, and vibration will most definitely affect your attic, specifically during the process of hammering. It’s important to clear your attic of any valuable and fragile objects should any debris fall. Cover your floor and items with a tarp or an old sheet to protect them.

Clear the Garden

A single falling shingle can be very destructive against fragile and brittle things. Examine your garden, remove any delicate or fragile objects and place them in another safe place. These objects can include statues, potted plants, water fountains, solar-powered lights, birdhouses, mosaic stepping stones, and wind chimes.

Cut the Grass and Prune the Trees

Most contractors will usually make sure the work site is tidy and clean, so making the grass short can allow for easy cleaning. Pruning your trees, cutting the overhanging branches can provide the roofers with a safer and clearer path to the roof.

Relocate Your Vehicles

Falling debris from the roof like a falling shingle can potentially cause damage or scratches to your car. In addition, moving your car to another place can create increased room for the contractor’s trucks to freely move around. This will improve the efficiency of offloading and loading of debris and shingles, hence shortening the roof replacement process.

Clear Your Patio Furniture

Ensure your furniture or any items are minimally 20-foot away from the roof around your property so roofers can access from all corners. If you have a permanent pavilion, it’s advised to tie the curtains up or take it down.

If you are planning for a roof replacement project, you must account for safety measures with Roofsmart’s roof pads. Our various add-ons also help provide unmatched assurance for any rooftop worker. Contact us today to find out more information.

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