House Painters

A qualified house painter is a highly demanded job. They have to go through extensive on-the-job training, gain years of experience and have different licenses to provide the service. They are an essential resource in helping homeowners paint different spaces and surfaces. These can include ceilings, walls, fences, and even roofs. This means that house painters also have to climb onto roofs or work at heights to carry out their work when necessary.

Thanks to Roofsmart, LLC, house painters from all over the country don’t need to fret over not having the required support from secure and trustworthy safety equipment. For more information on house painters and the reasons why believe our products are best suited for them and other professionals from different industries, continue reading below.

Understanding House Painters

The difference a fresh coat of paint can make in improving a home’s curb appeal and market value is significantly large. While painting may seem like a menial task but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Regular people don’t have the required knowledge and experience in mixing the right quantities of paint. They also can’t maintain their hand steadiness while painting, resulting in an uneven surface. A professional painting contractor can provide expertise and workmanship in giving you the right color scheme that matches your home as well as the assurance of quality painting work.

Many times, a house painter is needed to work at a height depending on the job type. This makes them vulnerable to safety hazards like falling. When painters need to do painting work on roofs, they have to carry out their work while negotiating the fragile tiles and shingles.

Why Should House Painters Get Their Supplies from Roofsmart, LLC?

A single misstep could result in the house painter damaging the client’s ceramic tile roof, or even worse, slipping on the roof without having any protection from reliable safety equipment. A fall from such heights can cause very severe injuries and may even be life-threatening. Although breaking the tile roof is not life endangering, it doesn’t reflect well on the painting contractor if they damage the roof, leading to unnecessary repair costs.

Here’s why our products are an ideal solution. At Roofsmart, LLC, we have specially designed our products to improve the safety of house painters and other professionals who need to work at heights. Our roof pads have non-slip footing and help to redistribute the worker’s weight to mitigate any damage to the roof, ensuring the integrity of the roof tiles and the safety of the house painter. Our Roofsmart Pads comply with OSHA standards and we encourage adherence to all guidelines when using our product. House painters can work with greater peace of mind.

Why Choose Roofsmart, LLC?

With nearly 50 years of experience in the roofing and construction industry, we know what are the needs of our professionals, and our products are specifically targeted at that. We are confident that our products will be very beneficial for a great number of roof specialists to do their jobs safely.

For more information on our signature roof pads, or how they can support a large variety of industries, contact us or call us at (877) 713-8092 today.