DIY Roof Repair Tips For Homeowners

A leaky roof can be troublesome and might cause more damage to the house, which incurs even more costs to repair the damages. You should repair the roof at the soonest time possible. Sometimes, the solution to a damaged roof can be as easy as filling up the hole with roofing cement, other times you may need time to identify the issue and weigh the benefits of repairing with installing a new roof. Here is a guide for you to do your own DIY roof repair.

Replace Old Shingles

If there are some damaged or missing shingles and they are mainly positioned in one limited area of the roof, you can just change them with new ones. However, it is important to only use those that match the current shingles on your roof in color and style. Unmatched roofing can be an eyesore and may devalue your property’s resale value. You’ll have to replace all the old shingles and also the ones around them that are loose as well. Use a mixture of adhesives designed for use in nails and shingles to keep them in place.

Partial Reroofing

Partial reroofing typically comprises removing all the shingles currently occupied in an area of the roof and replacing them with new ones. Sometimes, it might even be simply putting on another layer of new shingles over the same area. This action can make any color or style irregularities less pronounced if the new shingles used are an exact match with the current ones.

Nonetheless, you should only layer shingles once. You must remove the layers completely if there are currently two layers on. Partial reroofing may result in some bizarre lines over the roof which can detract curb appeal or a slight convexity over the ridge cap. Many times, you’ll probably need to spend time trying to match the current shingles with additional layers and even the layers out thereafter.

Total Reroofing

Total reroofing is required when the extent of damage is too wide or if the whole roofing is too old. This typically constitutes removing the old shingles completely with new ones. New shingles adhere to surfaces better than their older counterparts and you can also improve coverage. There is a possibility of lessening labor by applying the entire layer of new shingles over the existing old layer. Likewise, if there are currently already two layers, you have to remove all the layers before adding a new one on the roof deck.


Occasionally, flashing should be looked at for replacement instead of shingles. Also, in any partial or total reroofing project, you should consider replacing the flashing as well. They are situated near the skylights, chimney, and other areas of which have a gap in the roof. A damaged, missing, or loose flashing may be a possible cause of leaky roofs and other serious issues for homes.

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