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Roofsmart Pads

9-pk RoofSmart Pads

9-pk RoofSmart Pads

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This Package Includes 9 RoofSmart Pads It Is Recommended For Established Growing Operations Of Three Team Members. 

RoofSmart Pads solve two really big problems people encounter when working on a roof. RoofSmart Pads serve as a walkway or work station preventing damages onto the roof you might be working and they also prevent injuries because it offers stable and secure footing!

How Can The RoofSmart Pads Prevent Damages On The Roof?
  • The bottom portion of the RoofSmart Pad that lays on the roof is made out of High Density Polyurethane Foam. The Polyurethane Foam helps distribute the weight of the person standing on the RoofSmart Pad preventing direct pressure on the material you are working on ultimately preventing damages.

 How Can The RoofSmart Pads Prevent Injuries?

  • The top portion of the RoofSmart Pad is made of durable and stable ABS Plastic. This ABS Plastic with the help of the Polyurethane Foam bottom offers you a stable and secure footing preventing slips and falls. The Polyurethane Foam bottom grips onto any material you may encounter on a roof.

 Roofsmart Pads Specs:

  • Measurements Per Pad H: 40” L: 24” D: 3.5"
  • Weight Per Pad: 10.5lbs 
  • Weight Per 3-Pack Box of Pads: 32lbs
  • Sturdy UV Resistant ABS Plastic Top
  • High Density Polyurethane Foam Bottom
  • Bonded With 3M Plastic Adhesive
  • Come With 10 Tie-Off Areas
  • Comfortable Handle
  • WORKS ON ALL ROOF MATERIALS AND PITCH ANGLES(Pitch Angles Over 10/12 We Encourage You To Tie Down To The Provided Tie Down Cut Outs)

Check Out Our YouTube Channel For Videos Of How The RoofSmart Pads:

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